1. Noveller
    Brooklyn, New York
  2. Death & Vanilla
    Malmö, Sweden
  3. Fire Soundtracks
    London, UK
  4. Half Japanese
    Uniontown, Pennsylvania
  5. Pere Ubu
    Cleveland, Ohio
  6. Howe Gelb
    Tucson, Arizona
  7. Virginia Wing
    London, UK
  8. Las Kellies
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  9. Scott & Charlene's Wedding
    Melbourne, Australia
  10. Rats on Rafts
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  11. Orchestra Of Spheres
    Wellington, New Zealand
  12. Mendrugo
  13. The Chills
    Dunedin, New Zealand
  14. Josephine Foster
  15. Bardo Pond
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  16. Robert Pollard
    Dayton, Ohio
  17. Blank Realm
    Brisbane, Australia
  18. Rocket from the Tombs
    Cleveland, Ohio
  19. Wreckless Eric
    England, UK
  20. The Moles
    Sydney, Australia
  21. Surf City
    Auckland, New Zealand
  22. Mission Of Burma
    Boston, Massachusetts
  23. Guided By Voices
    Dayton, Ohio
  24. Scraps
    Melbourne, Australia
  25. Lower Plenty
    Melbourne, Australia


Fire Records London, UK

A London-based independent label . Founded in 1984, Fire continues its history of maverick and inspired A+R.

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